Developer Tools

  • Analyze deep inside your PDF documents to establish the root-cause of processing and display issues. Automate your analysis and testing processes. Resolve PDF development issues, compare documents, verify sensitive metadata, extract confidential information, and more.



  • Key Features at a glance

    • Analyze PDF and PDF/A Structures

    Analyze the structure and content of a PDF document and validate them against a set of custom defined rules

    • Compare PDF Documents

    Perform comparative analysis of PDF documents to ensure that text, images, and graphics are consistent.

    • Sanitize Document Content

    Search and remove sensitive or private metadata from PDF documents.

    • Generate Customized Reports

    Submit PDF performance reports on the fly without having to submit the original document.

  • Compare PDF Documents

    • Compare PDFs to ensure that text, images, and graphics are consistent or to verify document modifications. By comparing documents you can:

    -Identify changes that have been made within documents and compare those changes with the original PDF.

    -Verify PDF outputs from an application to a reference document for quality assurance.

    -Compare visually identical PDF documents for internal metadata modifications.

  • Sanitize PDF Document Content

    • Search and remove confidential information from a PDF document. This can include content such as keywords and metadata to ensure that:

    -Personal or corporate information such as credit card numbers, financial entries, or email contacts are not included in a PDF document.

    -Inappropriate or context-sensitive words and sentences are removed.

    -Unwanted metadata such as the document author or creator are removed for confidentiality purposes.

  • Generate Customized Reports

    • Submit XML or customized reports about the performance of a PDF document so that you can:

    -Save time and debug issues quickly by sending reports from the field as fast as possible.

    -Send PDF performance or validation results without having to resend the original document.

    -Generate the report using custom file formats for transmission, archiving, or different application exchange purposes.

  • Automate

    •  Automate PDF Analyzer to run within an interface or programmatically without user interaction:

    -Test customized rules in a controlled environment before field implementation.

    -Implement and analyze different use cases.

    -Automate the testing of large numbers of documents.

  • Analyze PDF and PDF/A Structures

    • Analyze and validate the structure of a PDF document with customizable VB.NET rule sets. Ensure that a PDF structure complies with industry or custom specifications so that:

    PDF document object instructions, syntax, and hierarchies do not contain errors.

    Fonts and corresponding font information such as TrueType tables are properly embedded.

    Embedded graphics and images are properly compressed for specific application processing.

    A PDF/A document contains embedded fonts, XMP metadata, and device-independent colors, etc.

    A PDF/A document does not contain encryption, JavaScript, embedded files, etc.

  • Optimize and Repair PDF Documents

    • Examine the page construction of a PDF and look for structural or object errors. Then, repair the structure and regenerate the PDF as a truly optimized document. Optimized PDF documents are:

    -Efficiently processed by applications and PDF viewing software.

    -Stable, reliable, and accurate for strict industry compliant specifications such as PDF/A.

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