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  • Amyuni DOCX Converter is a virtual printer driver that will convert to DOCX format any document that is printed to it. Whether you print a web page, an accounting document or a report from any application, you obtain a document that can be easily editable using Microsoft Word(r) 2007 to 2016.


    Amyuni DOCX Converter is also delivered with a PDF viewer that will allow you to directly save PDF documents to DOCX and also other document types such as TIFF, XPS or other image formats.


    Check the Features tab for a complete list of features of this amazing new product.


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  • Highlights

    • Virtual Printer Interface enables you to convert any document into DOCX the same way you were used to print documents to PDF or other formats
    • Custom Configuration Profiles enable you to configure the printer properties exactly the way you need them to obtain optimal output from your application. Configuration profiles are very handy because they avoid avoid to reconfigure the printer each time a different type of document is printed
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is optionally used to extract text content from documents containing images or text that is stored as images or vector fonts
    • Optional Font Embedding ensures accurate viewing and editing across multiple systems
    • The Programmer's Interface enables automating the conversion of documents to DOCX. Development licenses are available to allow the integration of DOCX Converter into third party applications

  • Fonctions spécifiques au DOCX

    • Generation of text styles for natural DOCX editing
    • Extraction of headers and footers from original document
    • Auto generation of numbered and bulleted lists
    • Support for custom page sizes
    • Stretching of pages to accomodate for MS Word page size limitations
    • Automatic extraction of hyperlinks
    • Saving document properties such as title, author, etc...
    • Direct emailing of DOCX through SMTP

  • Fonctions Texte

    • Support for subscripts, superscripts, strikethrough and drop caps
    • Text highlighting and inverted video
    • Generation of multi-column and multi-section text
    • Rotated text generated as real text as opposed to images


    • Multiple modes of text wrappings around images and shapes: Square, TopAndBottom and Behind wrappings currently supported
    • Generation of inline images and shapes

  • Fonctions Graphiques

    • Conversion of all image formats such as JPeg or PNG
    • Support for clipping of images
    • Support for axial and radial gradients
    • Support for Gouraud interpolation (PDF type 4) and Lattice (PDF type 5) gradients
    • Conversion of vector graphics into DOCX vectors as opposed to images

  • Systèmes Compatibles

    • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
    • Server 2012, Server 2008, Server 2003

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    To upgrade from other Amyuni products, please contact sales

  • Mises à niveau

    To upgrade from other Amyuni products, please contact sales

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