Microsoft Access 97 - VBA

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Microsoft Access 97 - VBA

Post by kenwimmer »

Have downloaded the PDF Converter demo...intend to buy if it will allow me to programatically ,within Access 97, call & set the destination properties. (File Name, directory, etc.) If not, is there a product that will?

Thanks for any help.

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Post by Joan »


The PDF Converter will enable you to generate pdf files with no user interacation, the destination file name, directory and printer properties can be set programmatically using the Commont Driver Interface (CDintf) that you received with the demo. Please check the file "Common Driver Interface.pdf" that you received with the driver for more details about CDintf.

Also you can download an Access technical note from:
The application in this technical note is developed under Access 2000 but the technical documentation will help you achieving what you are trying to do.
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