Printer crashes after installing security updates KB4560960 and KB4561608

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Printer crashes after installing security updates KB4560960 and KB4561608

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KB4560960 update (Windows 10 builds 1903 and 1909) and KB4561608 (Windows 10 build 1809) from Microsoft have created a ton of issues with printer drivers including Amyuni PDF Converter all versions (v3 to v6.5!) We have pinpointed the issue to the call to the Windows API EngGetDriverName crashing when called. This API has been in use since Windows XP and is an essential part of the operation of the printer driver.

June 18 2020 Update:
- This issue has now been resolved by Microsoft with update KB4567512 (Windows 10 builds 1903 and 1909) and KB4567513 (Windows 10 build 1809). We were able to confirm that the issues below with Amyuni PDF Converter have been resolved and no printer driver update is required.

June 16 2020 Update:
Some good news:
- Microsoft have now acknowledged that the security updates have created printing issues (see ... -kb4560960). So hopefully there will be a quick resolution from Microsoft, unless they place the burden on printer manufacturers!
- Amyuni PDF Converter v6.0.3.3 is ready for release with our own workaround for the crash in the printer driver caused by the call to EngGetDriverName
The bad news:
- Other than the crash described above, further testing has revealed that there are also numerous issues with various Office documents not printing (infinite loop or spooler crashing.) This happens with Amyuni PDF Converter as well as numerous other printers including Microsoft's own. We currently have no workarounds and are delaying the release of until Microsoft provides some kind of resolution to these issues.
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