Pdf with hyperlink

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Pdf with hyperlink

Post by soyicu »

i want to know if it is possible to do a hyperlinks with pdf converter.

i have a report with this estructure

Reference Description
Ref1 Reference1
Ref2 Reference2
Ref3 Reference3

i want put an hyperlink in Ref1, Ref2, Ref3

it is possible?
I have a 4.5 version
I work with Visual Foxpro 9

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Re: Pdf with hyperlink

Post by Jose »


When generating a PDF document the PDF Converter has the ability to automatically convert hyperlinks if it encounters text that starts with one the prefixes below:

1- www.
2- http://
3- file://
4- mailto:
5- https://
6- ftp://

However all of the hyperlinks embedded in the HTML file (ex: image hyperlink, table of contents, links to other parts of the document) do not get transferred into the PDF document. This is the case for our product and all other PDF generators. All PDF printers basically create visual representations of the documents sent to them from the printing application.

If you wish to add hyperlinks to existing PDF documents, I suggest that you look at our Amyuni PDF Creator product. This product is a PDF viewer\editor and expose the ability to add a hyperlink to any location with the PDF document.
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