Problems with PDF for Silverlight

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Problems with PDF for Silverlight

Post by arp.nayee »

I downloaded trial PDF for silverlight and trying to load pdf, but I am facing two issues.

1. Request.QueryString["Pages"]; is always null, do I need to hardcode here?
2. acpdf.SetLicenseKey("Silverlight Evaluation", "07EFCDAB01000100D4F1764524E1760C4B8D6F736CDACF64D61974D59D46C422156936E39CB79AE221B5E13C3FD42F20B663D4B58FC1");
I am getting invalid licence key. I copied it from previous post related to PDF for silverlight. Do I need some other key to evaluate?

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Re: Problems with PDF for Silverlight

Post by Jose »


This issue was resolved with new evaluation license keys sent by Amyuni support.

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