Red Watermark Removal

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Red Watermark Removal

Post by DGillie »

Hi, I was unsure where to post this question, hopefully this is the right place.

We have a corporate license for 'PDF Converter PRO Corporate 4.5' as part of this install, we have PDFCreactiveDoc.Net.exe in the install directory. This program seems to give us the ability to split PDF's, insert pages etc. But, when the PDF changes are saved, there is a Red Watermark (Amyuni PDF Creator, Version - Copyright (c) 2001-2010, AMYUNI Technologies Inc.) over each page.

The help, about, screen implies the product is licensed to us, so how can we remove this watermark?

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Re: Red Watermark Removal

Post by Rich »

The situation you are encountering is normal and is being caused by the licensing information you are using.

You mentioned that your company has purchased the Corporate licenses for the Amyuni PDF Converter product. The methods that you are trying to use with the Amyuni PDF Creator control requires your company to have the PDF suite, a bundled solution of the PDF Converter and PDF Creator. You unfortunately are not licensed to use the PDF Creator product. The PDFCreactiveDoc.Net.exe is basically a PDF reader and allows end-users to view resulting PDF's.

You can contact and request an upgrade from the PDF Converter to the PDF Suite.

I have referenced a webpage from our website that better explains the PDF Suite Desktop Edition:

Hope this helps.
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