Faster way to concatenate file?

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Faster way to concatenate file?

Post by thomas_huber »

I'm using PDF Converter within a MFC application.
Calling " BOOL ConcatenateFiles( LPCSTR file1, LPCSTR file2, LPCSTR file3 ) " to 500 Documents is quite timeconsuming.
I call it like this:

First file plus second file = firstresultfile

firstresultfile plus third file = secondresultfile

secondresultfile plus fourth file = thirdresultfile and so on ....

Is there a faster way?
Is " int DocAppend(EXTDOCHANDLE edhDocument, EXTDOCHANDLE edhSource) " faster?

Is ConcatenateFiles threadsafe?
Thread 1 is concatenating file 1 to 250
Thread 2 is concatenating file 251 to 500

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