French Accent Letters

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French Accent Letters

Post by Evgheni »

I have a pdf file that contains text with all french accent characters:

While saving in 'zipped xaml', 'excel' and other formats:
Characters à â æ ç ï î ô are converted to spaces
Characters é è ê ë are converted to symbols: ø ß Ø Ł Œ º


Document = new IacDocument();
Document.SetLicenseKey("Silverlight Evaluation", "...");
Document.Open(PdfStream, "");
var xaml = Document.Attribute("XAML").Value as byte[];

Document.ExportToXPS("c:\\xaml.xps", IacXPSExportOptions.acXPSExportOptionsNone);
Document.ExportToHTML("c:\\xaml.html", IacHtmlExportOption.acHtmlExportOptionForceImagesToPng);
Document.ExportToExcel("c:\\xaml.xls", IacExcelExportOption.acExcelExportOptionSingleSheet);

using (var file = new FileStream("c:\\", FileMode.Create))
file.Write(xaml, 0, xaml.Length);

This problem seems to occur only with pdf files, created with Crystal Reports. For instance Microsoft word creates files that are converted correctly. Can you please point me where the problem is? (I cannot attach file to this post because of the error Could not upload attachment to ./files/17525_a6cab48efcf1a543fdc4772d04cbc3e0.)
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