Error when converting to large PDF files

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Error when converting to large PDF files

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We are currently using AMYUNI PDF Converter version 3.02.

We use the PDF converter with PowerBuilder 10.5 (on Windows NT and Windows 7) via its DLL interface.
We get errors when either
- We try to convert to rather large PDF files (> about 8 MB) or
- We try to convert to many PDF files the size of which is summing up to about 8 MB

The problem occurs when the command ‘dw_anyDataWindow.print’ is fired. The PDF is created but it cannot be opened (the file seems to be damaged).
PDF conversion is possible only after restart of our application.

We tried to call the DriverEnd and DriverInit function of AMYUNI before each PDF conversion but with no effect because PowerBuilder gets the same handle with every call of DriverInit.

So, we want to put some questions:
- Is the restriction to a maximum size of generated PDF a known issue with AMYUNI PDF converter?
- Is there a way to force the application to receive a new handle with the DriverInit function of AMYUNI?
- Is there any other solution to treat large PDF files?
- Is there a reasonable chance that those problems will not exist with AMYUNI 4.5?

Thank you very much in advance!
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Re: Error when converting to large PDF files

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There is no real file size limitation on the PDF Converter and I believe your issue maybe related to other issues.

PDF files around 4 GB (yes gigabytes) become problematic because they use up large amounts of system resources to process. However 8 MB files are actually quite small.

If you are printing on 64bit windows 7 PC, please make sure that the Amyuni PDF Converter is attached to the “NUL:” printer port.

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