IE9 prints differently compared to using Chrome/Firefox

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IE9 prints differently compared to using Chrome/Firefox

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You have success in converting a webpage to PDF using Chrome or Firefox but you do not get the same desired results when using IE9.


Internet Explorer 9 uses temporary font objects to print the text contents of web page. The fonts are created in memory and released when Internet Explorer finishes printing. This is very similar to the away Adobe Acrobat handles fonts in PDF documents when printing a PDF to a printer. The temporary fonts are given random names such as “30zhj” for what might be originally an “Arial” font. The PDF Converter printer driver cannot determine that “30zhj” is actually “Arial” and output the right name in the PDF file, so the font name appears as “30zhj” in the resulting PDF.


To check that IE9 is generating random font names, one can look at the Postscript file generated when printing to any Postscript printer and look for the /OrigFontName key:

/OrigFontType /TrueType def
/OrigFontName <33307a686a> def
/OrigFontStyle () def
/FSType 8 def

33307a686a is the hexadecimal string for 30zhj.


Because the font name is not known, fonts have to be embedded into the PDF by checking the following options:


These are the default settings when installing the end-user version of PDF Converter or when selecting the “Optimal Settings” pre-defined configuration.
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