How to get selected text from PDF and tag/bookmark?

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How to get selected text from PDF and tag/bookmark?

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I am trying to achieve the following use case:

1. User opens a PDF document. The user selects some text from the PDF using text selection.
2. User clicks on a button on the c# windows form.
3. The selected text is available to the c# application.
4. The c# application can put a bookmark with some additional attribute (like type, version etc) on to the PDF doc for the selected text. The bookmark is saved inside the PDF.
5. A different c# application should be able to parse and retrieve these information from the PDF later.

I tried this with Adobe Acrobat SDK, but it seems that is not possible with Acrobat SDK.

I have downloaded AmyUni with great expectation. Looking forward for getting right guidance.

Thanks and Regards.
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