Capture Events by 2 printjobs simultaneously

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Capture Events by 2 printjobs simultaneously

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In our application, I use CaptureEvents(1) together with including BroadCastMessages in the FileNameOptions to be able to monitor when the printing starts (StartDocPost) and when printing ends (EndDocPost).
From EndDocPost, I call CaptureEvents(0) to stop te events.
However, now I have the following issue.
Suppose an end-user starts printing a large document and starts a second printjob before the first printjob has ended.
Then the events should IMHO occur in (for example) the following order:
StartDocPost (printjob 1)
StartDocPost(printjob 2)
EndDocPost(printjob 1)
EndDocPost(printjob 2)

However, it seems that it doesn't work this way. The problem is that the the configurationcode for printjob 2 calls CaptureEvents(1).
From that moment, all events only will be received by printjob 2.

The FileNameOptions has BroadCastMessages set to true, but am I correct that the printerdriver uses a unicast broadcast model
(e.g., only one subscriber can be active at a time, opposed to a multicast model where multiple subscribers would be able to receive the events)

So, is there any feature I can use to make this work?
Or should I rely on handcrafted solutions (like using a Mutex to make sure that only one printjob is active at a time?)

Thanks in advance
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