PDF Converter PB11/EAS6/Windows Server 2003

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PDF Converter PB11/EAS6/Windows Server 2003

Post by LCermak »

I have installed the PDF converter and wrote a small PB program and it creates a PDF successfully the first time it is executed. After that I get "Printer Not Activated -41" whether it is from the small program or trying to print a test page from the printer setup. Also anytime I try and run a PowerBuilder component within EAServer I get the error. I am guessing it is a security or permissions problem but am having problems track it down.

Interestingly I am experiencing the same problems on a development machine with PB11 and Vista.
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Re: PDF Converter PB11/EAS6/Windows Server 2003

Post by eric.glenn »

I don't remember where I got this meaning of this error message, but,

Error -41
means that you are trying to activate a new version of the PDF Converter with an activation key of the previous version.

Hope this helps
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