problem merging pdfs when one is created from Distiller

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problem merging pdfs when one is created from Distiller

Post by fish02 » Thu May 14 2009

We have Amyuni Converter 2.10 and Adobe Reader 9.0. I am trying to build one pdf from multiple pdfs. I do this by first copying 1 file to the new pdf using FileCopy. I then do ConcatenateFiles multiple times to bring in each of the next pdf. Lastly I add bookmarks using SetBookmarks.

This works fine until we try to bring in a pdf that was created using Distiller. There is no error while running the program, but when I view the new pdf, it gives an error where the Distiller document is (error message is "There was an error processing a page. There was a problem reading the document (109)") If this document is printed it leaves blank pages in place of the Distiller document.

In trying to work around this, I created a blank pdf using Amyuni printer (programatically) and then merging with each pdf (using MergeFiles) before using the ConcatenateFiles. This still gives the same bad results.

Is there a work around for this Distiller problem or is there an upgraded version of Amyuni that fixes this?


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Re: problem merging pdfs when one is created from Distiller

Post by Joan » Fri May 15 2009


Version 2.10 of Amyuni PDF Converter is a little bit. We are currently at version 4.0 for Developer edition and 3.03 for End User edition.

The PDF file created by Distiller isn't supported in version 2.10, our new versions support a much wider range of files and I strongly suggest that you try them.

Hope this helps.
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