Security PB9 is ok but PB8 do not work

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Fernando Lusardo
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Security PB9 is ok but PB8 do not work

Post by Fernando Lusardo »

Please, I want to thanks by the help you gave me about using security methods!

Now I have one more stone to jump;

I use the method on the fly in PB9 like that:

i_ole_pdf.FileNameOptions = 1 + 2 + 256
i_ole_pdf.OwnerPassword = '12345'
i_ole_pdf.UserPassword = ''
i_ole_pdf.Permissions = -64 + 4


and this do the job!!

When I try to put the same code in PB8 do not work like PowerBuilder9, it create a document totally protected but without password, when you remove security from the document, do not ask any pass and do the job!!

Can you help me one more tyme?? thnks
Amyuni Team
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Re: Security PB9 is ok but PB8 do not work

Post by Joan »

If you specify only an owner password without a user password it is normal for the pdf file to open without asking for a password but the file would be encrypted.

This should be the same whether you are generating the PDF file from PB9 or PB8. I don't see what the version of PB will affect the generated pdf file.
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