PDF/A or not PDF/A

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PDF/A or not PDF/A

Post by Tiger »

we using the Amyuni PDF Converter 3.0 ( When I try to create PDF/A documents, it seems they are not really PDF/A documents. How can I find out?
If I open a PDF with the Adobe Reader 8 (the PDF was created with Amyuni), I get no information that it is a PDF/A. It say's it's a PDF-Version 1.4 (Acrobat 5.x).
What's wrong?

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Re: PDF/A or not PDF/A

Post by Joan »


As far as I know using Adobe Reader 8 you will not see if a PDF/A file is as such unless you check the file code. It is in Reader 9 that the PDF/A file will display "You are viewing this document in PDF/A mode." at the top o the document when opening it.
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