Speed Issue Loading certain types of PDFs

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Speed Issue Loading certain types of PDFs

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We are experiencing issues with PDF Creator.NET v3.03.

Our primary issue is the speed loading certain types of existing PDFs (of engineering drawings) into a PDFCreator control on a Windows form in a VB.Net application we are developing. Simple text-based PDFs load fairly quickly (as long as we don't use the thumbnails features which makes it very slow on larger page-count files). When we try to load a PDF with a dimensionally-larger CAD drawing in it, the load time is 16-19 seconds. We tried reducing the original PDF's page size (just for testing purposes) from "D" (36x24) to "Letter" it reduced the load time to 7 seconds, which is still very slow, not to mention that we don't want our drawings that small in the PDFs. The PDFs aren't very large in file size - a single page drawing of the load time indicated is 187k for the 8.5x11 version and 340k for the "D" page size version.

We are have tried both the "non-.net" single page open method (OpenEx) and the open page method indicated in the .NET developer documentation (Open) and experience the same slowness. Again, it seems to be on architectural drawings, regardless of page size, as compared to simple text-based PDFs (even lengthly text-based PDFs load quickly).

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Re: Speed Issue Loading certain types of PDFs

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This seems to be an issue that is specific to the documents that you are trying to open.
We would recommend sending some of your documents to support@amyuni.com and we will look at the issue.

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