PDF Converter 2.10 - limited user privileges

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PDF Converter 2.10 - limited user privileges

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I am using Amyuni PDF Converter 2.10 with PowerBuilder version 10. I found an error with limited user privileges in Window XP. It returns 0 when i call the function PDFDriverInit() as below. So when I run the function SetDefaultConfig(), it crashes.

iole_pdfobj = create oleobject
il_PDFPrinter = PdfDriverInit( is_PDFPrinterName )
SetDefaultConfig( il_PDFPrinter )

But it works on the user with administrative rights. Is that something about the right of read/write on registry? What can I do or is there any other ways to I can try?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: PDF Converter 2.10 - limited user privileges

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PDFDriverInit is a function that installs a printer on the system. Under Windows 200, XP and above, only administrators can install printers on the system, this applies to Amyuni PDF Printer or any other printer. Therefore only administrators can run PDFDriverInit().

We advise our customers to install the printer on the system once when installing their applications and then call DriverInit and not PDFDriverInit when launching the application.

Concerning SetDefaultConfig(), this should be called after setting the printer configuration and not after calling the DriverInit functions.

Hope this helps.
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