Newsletter 11: Error Code 1722, Spooler Crash Under Vista

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Newsletter 11: Error Code 1722, Spooler Crash Under Vista

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Under Microsoft Vista, the print spooler keeps crashing when trying to install PDF Converter. The installation shows error number 1722 in most cases.
(This behaviour has been mostly encountered by Intuit Quickbooks and Quicken users but also applies to other users)

To know if this article applies to your situation, open the printers folder and check if any document remains in the default printer. This usually indicates that printing to the default printer failed and the document was not deleted. Trying to delete the document creates a crash in the print spooler and the printers might completely disappear because the spooler stopped working.

Restarting the spooler (see below), makes the list of printers visible but the document remains in the default printer and cannot be deleted. When this situation occurs, printing to any printer fails, adding or removing a printer also fails. Installing the Amyuni PDF Converter printer is not possible under this situation.

The user can resolve this situation by following the steps below. We also suggest reporting this issue to Microsoft to be fixed in future versions of Vista.

The document that is stuck in the print spooler has to be deleted before any printing can occur, this can be done using the following procedure:
  • 1. Click on the Start or Vista icon button, select Accessories, locate the "Command Prompt" tool, right-click on Command Prompt and select "Run as Administrator"
  • 2. In the command prompt window, enter "net start spooler" and hit Enter
  • 3. Open the printers folder and change the default printer to a printer that does not have a document stuck in it
  • 4. Open the previous default printer and delete all hanging documents. If the spooler crashes while doing so, repeat step 2 to restart the spooler
  • 5. When all documents have been deleted, restore the default printer to what it was before (optional step)
  • 6. Repeat step 2 to make sure the spooler is running
Now you should be able to install new printers, including PDF Converter, and convert your documents into PDF.

For complete information about PDF Converter, please visit: ... tures.html
Amyuni Development Team

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