PDF Convert error on opening PDF version 1.1

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PDF Convert error on opening PDF version 1.1

Post by griseri »

I run the Document converter version and I got an error opening a PDF document (pdf version 1.1).
I use the code snippet below:

Set objCDIntfExDocument = CreateObject("CDIntfEx.Document") ' CDIntfEx.Document

If Not objCDIntfExDocument Is Nothing Then
' Amyuni driver converter
objCDIntfExDocument.open v_sPdfFileName
PDF2JPG_A = objCDIntfExDocument.ExportToJPeg(v_sJpgFileName, nQualita)
PDF2JPG_A = False
End If

The error text is:
"Error opening PDF document 65535"

Does the Amyuni Document converter not recognize the pdf version 1.1?

Can anyone help me ?
Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan »


We don't have issues openeing the PDF files 1.1, but there might be a feature in the PDF file you have that we don't support (example Jbig compression was not supported in version 2.5).

I suggest that you try opening your file using version 3.0 currently avalialbe on our site, if you are still getting an error please send the file to support@amyuni.com so our engineers can check it.

Hope this helps.
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