PDF Converter 2.51 : activex - function open

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PDF Converter 2.51 : activex - function open

Post by cedric »

:o I try to open pdf documents to merge them using pdf converter activex :

script :
doc1 = create oleobject
doc2 = create oleobject


doc1.Open (<fic_arriere_plan>)
doc2.Open (<fic_avant_plan>)

doc1.mergeEx (doc2, 1)

doc1.Save (<fic_genere>)

Destroy doc1
Destroy doc2

The first time I run the script, a system error occurs and the application fails with error in function open (on doc1).
The following times, there is no error.
I don't understand ?
Moreover, there's no explicit return value to the open function in case of error.
Do anybody has the problem ?

Thanks in advance.
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