How to create a "search" and "retrieve"

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How to create a "search" and "retrieve"

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i face a problem in create a "search" and "retrieve" button, after user click the search button, user may able to keyin words in 3rd column of datawindow, then click the retieve button, to retrieve the matching keyword only?

my click event of search button as below:
string setting
dw_1.object.datawindow.querymode= 'yes'
setting= dw_1.describe("datawindow.querymode")
dw_1.modify ("datawindow.querymode= yes")

my click event of retrieve button as below:
dw_1.settrans (SQLCA)

my script unable to allow user to keyin in 3rd column, and retrieve data.
Do anyone know the solution? thanks you. :D
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