Evaluating the product

These different converters modules enables you to convert your existin documents to the above formats. These are all parts of our Document Converter produt.
Here you can post all the installation and usage issues related to the document converters including our latest DOCX Converter
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Evaluating the product

Post by WolandIL »


I try to evaluate this product but i see that it is to hard to do.
Manual which comes with jar is poor and do not have direct flow. No examples, no JavaDoc, forum is empty, no support whithout license... but how i will buy this product if i can't get support for simple questions on evalutaion time???
For example im looking for way to add empty digital signature field to existed document but search on your "developer's manual" nothing return on word "signature" or "sign" at all. So, is this means that you do not support this simple functionality?
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Post by Joan »


The PDF Creator library for Java is not similar to the PDF Creator we currently have.

The version available online is the first release. It is only a straight forward reporting tool, it only creates reports it doesn't view or edit pdf files, it doesn't also include the digital signature feature.

For technical support, it is available for all customers who are evaluating our products, we never ask customers to license the product to get technical support, we do help all customers evaluating our products in all their questions and even in the implementation process.
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