Automation error when convert PDF to Jpeg file

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Automation error when convert PDF to Jpeg file

Post by yanyu »

OS: WinXP SP2 Professional
mdoule name: cdintf210.dll
File version: 2.1.09

Got automation error when converting PDF to Jpeg file. Error description is:

-2147417848 Automation error. The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.

VB code:
sFilePath = ContentPath & "\test.pdf"
Dim Doc As New CDIntfEx.Document

Doc.SetLicenseKey "","" ' hide our license key here

Doc.Open sFilePath
Doc.ExportToJPEG ContentPath & "\pdfimage0.jpg", acJPegExportOptionLow

Failed at line "Doc.Open sFilePath".

Please help me to check it.
Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan »


It could be possible that you are trying to open a pdf document that is not supported by version

You can either try our latest version 2.50 to see if it supports your document or you can send us the document to to check it.

Hope this helps.
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