Problems when trying to generate PDF with PB9 & Win2k SP

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Problems when trying to generate PDF with PB9 & Win2k SP

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I'm having some problems while trying to generate PDF files. I'm using Amyuni PDF Converter with driver Document Converter 2.10 with PowerBuilder 9 Build 7066 in a Windows 2000 server with SP4 and accessing this server by a Citrix Metaframe XP. The PDF Converter is set up as the default printer on system and, when I try to generate a PDF, system says that generation failed and it deletes the printer from system. Does anyone can help with it? I tested under my WinXP but I had no problems!!!

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For the printer to get unistalled than you are definitely calling PDFDriverInit when installing the Printer and DriveEnd when removing it. Am I right?
If this is the case please install the printer on the server using Install.exe and replace PDFDriverInit in your application by DriverInit.

Are you calling EnablePrinter right before printing?

Finally, please check if you datawindow is set to be printed to the default printer on the system or to another printer.

Hope this helps.
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