PowerBuilder component problem

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PowerBuilder component problem

Post by MarvinH »

PowerBuilder 10.0.1 Build 6044
EAServer 5.1.2
CynergySystems Enterprise Application Framework version 4.0
CDINTF210.DLL Version 2.1.09

Hi gang;
I am trying to generate a single PDF from two PDFs previously generated by Amyuni PDF Creator, using the DLL.

powerbuilder NVO component has a local external function declared as:
FUNCTION boolean ConcatenateFiles( string inputFile1, string inputFile2, string outputFile) LIBRARY "cdintf210.dll"

in function "createContentEnd ( REF n_cst_datasetattrib, REF str_mimedataset )" I call the amyunic concatentefiles function, as follows:

boolean lb_concatenate
lb_concatenate = concatenatefiles ("C:\Temp\woof.pdf","C:\Temp\woof1.pdf", "C:\Temp\test.pdf")

... HOWEVER, the doggone thang doesn't work. Keeps returning FALSE.

Two files ARE created, in C:\Documents and Settings\mhaagsma\Local Settings\Temp, both with .tmp filetypes. First one is the first PDF, and can be opened by Acrobat if the file extension is changed to .pdf. Second one has zero bytes, and has nothing in it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Marvin Haagsma, Systems Analyst
Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
St. Albert, Alberta

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan »


You have version 2.10i of the PDF Converter, please check if you have the latest 2.10i release that is 2.10i-9. If not please feel free to download it from our site.

If you do have 2.10i-9 (you can check this by right clicking on the PDF Printer and choosing Preferences). please try our latest release 2.50 that you can also download from our site www.amyuni.com

Please note that you need to remove the old dll CDIntf210.dll and register the new one before trying your application again.

Hope this helps.
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