Watermarks as PDF-File

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Watermarks as PDF-File

Post by muenchs » Thu Oct 31 2002


Version: 2.06
Documention: 2.05 (is there an newer one?)

Is it possible to set a pdf-File as watermark with an DLL-Funktion? Using the properties of the printer works fine, but I had to set these watermark with my program.

In the documention you write:

Function SetWatermark(Watermark As String, FontName As String, FontSize As
Integer, Orientation As Integer, Color As Long, HorzPos As Long, VertPos As Long,
Foreground As Long) As Long
Return type : long
Description : adds a watermark to every page of a PDF document
DLL call : long SetWatermark( HANDLE hIntf, LPCSTR szWatermark, LPCSTR
szFont, short fontSize, short Orientation, COLORREF colour,
LONG xPos, LONG yPos, BOOL bForeground )
FLL call : Not available
Parameters : Watermark text to print on each page
: FontName font to be used to print text
: FontSize font size in 0.1 inch units
: Orientation watermark text orientation in 0.1 degree units
: Colour watermark colour
: HorzPos horizontal position of text in 0.1 inch units
: VertPos vertical position of text in 0.1 inch units
: Foreground flag that indicates whether the watermark should be above
or below the page content

There is no parameter for 'Watermark source' :-((

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards

i.A. Sascha Münch

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Joined: Thu Oct 31 2002

Post by muenchs » Thu Oct 31 2002

Upps, i did it also via eMail before I found this forum. Here the answer from Amyuni for all other with this problem:

Hello Sascha,

Using the SetWatermark function you will not be able to add a file as a watermark, this can be done only from the user interface.

To do this programmatically you can use the Merge function of CDintf. You can set the watermark as a pdf file and merge it to your pdf document using the Merge function.

Hope this helps, if you need further assistance please let us know.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Thanks to the Technical Support for the fast answer!


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