1722 Error

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1722 Error

Post by TDison » Tue Aug 07 2012

We've been having a problem with the Amyuni driver not installing on a machine. The Print Spooler is restarting but it is taking too long to restart ( more than 30 seconds ) so it looks like the driver is timing out before the Print Spooler is restarted. I've tried using the -P option but it still seems to be trying to restart the Print Spooler. When we use the -P option, it is still failing with the 1722 and it is logging an event in the event viewer that the Print Spooler was started. Any suggestions?

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Re: 1722 Error

Post by Rich » Tue Aug 07 2012

What you can try is to use the "Add printer" method with administrator privileges pointing to the Amyuni.inf for the driver. This will simply install the printer but it will not be activated. The print spooler may also be corrupted and you would need to investigate as to how to re-install the print spooler.
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