W2k Permission problem with PDF Converter 2.06

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W2k Permission problem with PDF Converter 2.06

Post by micha137 » Tue Sep 11 2007


we have an application that runs as a service on a W2k SP4 machine and it uses PDF Converter 2.06.

It was working fine running under the account LocalSystem. But one day we had to make it run under another user account, so that it could access network shares, which the LocalSystem account is not allowed to. After switchung back to run the service as LocalSystem again, it could not use the PDF converter anymore.

We uninstalled and installed the printer, changed settings that might be related to it etc. to no avail. We installed the service application on a clean machine and it worked.

Since the application doesn't give useful error messages, we are lost.
The only visible difference between the broken and the working PDF printer are that in the broken printer the security settings (ie. who is allowed to print, manage documents or manage printers) are not accessible to my administrator account (opening the tab gives the message "Die Sicherheitseinstellungen können nicht angezeigt werden." (We use a German version of W2k - in English it would be something like "The security settings cannot be displayed"). In the working installation the security settings are so that everyone is allowed anything for that PDF printer.

Can it be that my account does not have enough permissions to view the security settings, but that the application running under my account has enough permissions to use the printer?

What went wrong so that I cannot see the security settings anymore?

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