Foxpro User. Trying Demo and having problems.

If you are a VFP developer and have any questions about using our products from VFP here is the place to post them.
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Foxpro User. Trying Demo and having problems.

Post by JohnY » Mon Oct 20 2003

In the Technical Note 3: Section: Using the FLL interface

When I type FileNameOptions(1+2+32) I get the follow error:
Function argument Valve, type or count is invalid

When I type DefaultFileName("test.pdf") I get the following error:
Data Type Mismatch

When I type EnablePrinter(PDF,"nameofprinter", serial number)
I get the following error:
Variable PDF is not found.

Any clues why I am getting there error messages?


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Post by Joan » Tue Oct 21 2003


Please download the VFP technical note from:

It contains a VFP sample that will tell you how to use the FLL interface.

Hope this helps.

PS: I will move this post to the VFP forum.

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Post by jggori » Wed Nov 22 2006

Hi I tried to compile the samples under VFP 8 SP1 and they have problems? is there an updated set of these?

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