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Post by swati » Wed Mar 29 2006

I have a Powerbuilder function called "uf_excel_datawindow" which takes a pb datawindow and saves it as an excel file.

In the function, I use the amyuni control. First I create the Powerprinter object, then I init the printer, then I run a few of the amyuni commands (setresolution, setconfig, etc.) and then I run PDF2EXCEL. After running pdf2excel, the amyuni object is destroyed and the printer disappears.

If I run it once, I get an excel file - NO PROBLEM. The first run is fine.

If I run it again, I get an error calling pdf2excel.
Weird thing is that I don't get an error when I call setresolution or setconfig or whatever.

Any ideas?

Swati Agterberg

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan » Fri Mar 31 2006


Please check that you are calling SetLicenseKey() before PDF2Excel. however this may not resolve your issue.

If it didn't please try using the latest version 2.50g-3 of the Converter.

Hope this helps.

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Post by swati » Fri Mar 31 2006

The Set LicenseKeyA command is run in my code just before the pdf2excel command.

Why do I have SetLicenseKeyA and you referred only to SetLicenseKey?

I just downloaded and installed 2.50g-4 of the Converter and it didn't help. Is there anything else for me to try?

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