Printing Legal Size

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Printing Legal Size

Post by Travis » Mon Aug 22 2005

I am having trouble printing form the viewer a legal size PDF. We have version 2.5 and the following is the code I am using. We can print in other apps on Legal size so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

For Each mPrinter In Printers
If mPrinter.deviceName = sPrinterName Then Set Printer = mPrinter

Printer.PaperSize = pprLegal '5

pdfViewer.StartPrint Printer.deviceName, True

pdfViewer.PrintPage 1


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Post by Jose » Mon Aug 29 2005


There are a couple of points you need to clarify first.

1- You are using (what I suspect is the PDF Creator product) to print an existing PDF document. Does this PDF document contains legal size pages?

2- Are you trying to print from the PDF Creator to the PDF Converter?

hope this helps?

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