Waiting for EndDoc events

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Waiting for EndDoc events

Post by martinkuba » Wed May 18 2005

I have the following scenario:
Printer is silently installed, word document is printed using PrintOut method from code, after printing is finished printer needs to be uninstalled.

I have been having issues with capturing the EndDocPre and EndDocPost events. I am wondering if it is because the application is not correctly waiting for the events and it misses them. Could anyone supply an example on how to wait for the event to fire before proceeding to next task (uninstalling the printer in my case)?

Thank you.

Amyuni Team
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Post by Jose » Tue May 24 2005


There are a couple of points which we need to clarify.

One, we do not recommended that you dynamically install the PDF Converter before each print job and remove it after printing but rather we suggest that you install the printer when launching your application and removing the printer when your application ends.

Two, in order to narrow down why you are encountering issues with the EndDocPre and EndDocPost events, can you post a description of your application? If you wish you can send your reply directly to support@amyuni.com.

Hope this helps?

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