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by Evgheni
Mon Mar 25 2013
Forum: Amyuni Document Converter (HTML/DocX/Excel/Jpeg/Tiff/RTF)
Topic: acPDFCreatorLib.Net.dll for 4.0 runtime
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acPDFCreatorLib.Net.dll for 4.0 runtime

Hello. We are facing poor performance while converting PDF files to XAML. Pdf files are generated by Crystal Reports in memory and contain text and lines as table borders. Each page takes in average 1 second to be converted into xaml. Resulting xaml is big and inefficient due to the way you create p...
by Evgheni
Fri Mar 22 2013
Forum: Amyuni Document Converter (HTML/DocX/Excel/Jpeg/Tiff/RTF)
Topic: French Accent Letters
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French Accent Letters

I have a pdf file that contains text with all french accent characters: ùûüÿ€’“”«»–—àâæçéèêëïîôœ While saving in 'zipped xaml', 'excel' and other formats: Characters à â æ ç ï î ô are converted to spaces Characters é è ê ë are converted to symbols: ø ß Ø Ł Œ º Code: acPDFCreatorLib.Initialize(); Doc...