Conversion of PDF files to postscript and vice versa.

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Conversion of PDF files to postscript and vice versa.

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Is there a product that can convert PDF files to Postscript and vice versa? Ideally I would a like to preview the files and also to able to convert in batches.


We need to be able to check that all objects are contained properly in the PDF (eg. embedded files) prior to printing (another product???).

Is there a product that can do both?

Any answer on the 3 scenarios above would be great.


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Post by Joan »


I didn't really get your question.

Our PDF Converter would enable you to conver Postscript files to pdf in batch mode or one file at a time if you have a postscript viewer on your machine.

The PDF Converter works as a normal printer, if you open the postscript file in a postscript viewer and print it to the PDF Printer you will get a pdf file.

To convert PDF files to Postscript, you may install any postscript printer and print the pdf file to it while checking the Print to file option.

Hope this helps.
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