Preservation of hyperlinks & bookmarks in MS Office prog

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Preservation of hyperlinks & bookmarks in MS Office prog

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It would be great if your product included something similar to the PDF Maker functions of Acrobat 5.0 to preserve active hyperlinks and bookmarks when converting a Microsoft Office application as described below.

From the Acrobat 5.0 Help File:

"The default Acrobat installation in Windows includes a macro—Adobe PDFMaker 5.0—that allows you to create Adobe PDF files quickly and easily from within Microsoft Office applications. PDFMaker works with Microsoft Word 97, Word 2000, Excel 97, Excel 2000, PowerPoint 97, and PowerPoint 2000 and is installed automatically if you have the
Microsoft Office application on your system.

By default Adobe PDF files created with PDFMaker generate tagged PDF and preserve hyperlinks, styles, and bookmarks present in the source document."
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We may add such feature to our driver. Currently we offer to our customers an external too that they can use to preserver internal bookmards in a word document.

External hyperlinks can be preserved using the ConvertHyperlink option.

If you have a word document containing hyperlinks and bookmarks and you want to keep these in the pdf file please send an e-mail to and we will be able to help you.

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