What versions of Amyuni are still supported?

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What versions of Amyuni are still supported?

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What is the typical End of Life for Amyuni versions?
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Re: What versions of Amyuni are still supported?

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As of the end of September 2017:

We provide support for one version back of whatever is the current version. That means that we support version v5.0 and v5.5 of all of our products until our next major release (v6.0) Will be available. When version v6.0 is released, support for v5.0 will end.

We will continue to support version v5.5 for awhile (at least until (ex) v6.5 is released) but any possible service releases for this version will only happen in the first couple of months after v6.0 is released. If the customer has valid product support for v.5.5 and they encounter issues with the version (v5.5), we simply ask then to upgrade to v6.0

Hope this makes sense?

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