Introducing the USB Mobile Monitor tool

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Introducing the USB Mobile Monitor tool

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USB Mobile Monitor was developed by Amyuni to facilitate the work of IT and QA managers who often have a large number of systems to monitor. Remote control is not always feasible so they end-up having to plug and unplug cables, going on the floor behind dusty computers or installing large KVM switches that don't always work!

The USB Mobile Monitor is a free tool that allows you to connect your Android mobile phone or tablet to your PC with a simple USB Cable. All that is required is the download of the USB Mobile Monitor App on your device and the installation of the USB Mobile Monitor software on your PC. USB Mobile Monitor works for Desktops and Servers from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 and Server 2012.

App Features:
- See what is happening on your PC and fully control it without the need for a remote connection!
- No need to plug and unplug cables, a single USB cable plugs-in to the front of the PC. Saves you from back-pain and dirtying yourself in dusty places.
- It is light-weight, doesn't require a complex installation and doesn't take up much space in your PC, phone or tablet.
- No network, internet or Wifi connection is required. Works with PCs that do not support Remote Desktop such as Windows Home versions.
Screenshot from 7" Tablet
Screenshot from 7" Tablet
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Install the Android App from the Google play store: ... ilemonitor
Download and install the Microsoft Windows drivers:
Read the instructions for installing and using the USB Mobile Monitor:

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