Windows Installer error message with Desktop Edition

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Windows Installer error message with Desktop Edition

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You may receive this error message when installing either the Amyuni PDF Converter or Amyuni PDF Suite. (Desktop Edition)

* If you are behind a firewall/proxy server you will need to allow for the online activation to complete
* if you have User Access Control's (UAC) turned on under Windows Vista you will need to turn it off to allow for the install to complete (it requires a reboot)
* you sometimes need to "Run as" administrator by saving the download to your PC and right-clicking on the install executable (.exe) and select "Run as Administrator"
* if the product is already installed and activated the online license manager will not allow for you to install it a second time -- you will need to contact

During the install process there is an install.log file that gets created if the install was successful or not.
It is usually found under c:\Program Files(x86)\Amyuni Technologies\Amyuni PDF Converter or Amyuni PDF Suite. Send this to

Common errors found within the install.log:

-20 license # is not the right length. The License code is 20 characters long including the two "-" and starts with 259200-
-23 license already in use
-77 proxy/firewall issue
-84 This program is being run on a hard drive image copied from a different hard drive.

View our short video for installing and getting started with Amyuni PDF Converter or Amyuni PDF Suite:
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