ImportFromRtf Function problem

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ImportFromRtf Function problem

Post by denco3813 »

We currently use the PDFSuite.NET400 and I just discovered an ImportFromRtf Function.
I have tried to use it but the output PDF text is on a brown background and the text is stricked trough (see attached).

Is it something to do with a licence key issue?

Just in case I’m doing something wrong please find the code I’m using:
acPDFCreatorLib.SetLicenseKey( "MyCompanyName" , "MyLicenceKey" );

PDFCreator PDFC = new PDFCreator();
PDFC.SetLicenseKey( "MyCompanyName" , "MyLicenceKey" );

IacDocument Document = new IacDocument();

Document.ImportFromRtf( @"c:\IT Workload.rtf");

System.IO.FileStream File1 = new FileStream( @"c:\ITWorkload.PDF" , FileMode.CreateNew );

Document.Save( File1 , IacFileSaveOption.acFileSaveAll );



could you please advise?
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Re: ImportFromRtf Function problem

Post by Devteam »

This method is now obsolete and was removed from our documentation. The RTF import module was sold as a separate module that required additional licensing but development around this module stopped a while ago because it didn't find any success with our customers. Also there are some obscure and undocumented features in the RTF format that makes accurate importing of RTF documents very tricky.
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