[FIXED] Security Update KB2347290 Disables Print to File

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[FIXED] Security Update KB2347290 Disables Print to File

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Updated April 8, 2011Microsoft has since released update KB2480118 to resolve this issue. This update is available from:
http://support.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBH ... kbln=en-us

Related Products and Platforms
This newsletter relates to the 32-bit PDF Converter Printer Driver running under any 32-bit version of Windows.

Problem Description
After applying the security update KB2347290, printing to PDF from web applications fails. The problem is not only apparent when printing to Amyuni PDF Converter but also to other printers when attempting to create a file rather then printing to a hardware port.

Backround Information
The Amyuni PDF Converter 32-bit printer driver uses the print spooler to create and write to the destination PDF file. The 64-bit PDF Converter uses its own internal functions to write to a file and is not affected by this issue.
A web application that uses impersonation to to start a printing process is blocked by the security update. The security update blocks any process that is being impersonated by another process unless the printer's port name is the same as the output file name. E.g. if the printer is connected to a port named "PDF Port", printing is only allowed to "PDF Port" and not to "c:\temp\test.pdf".
PDF or XPS printers providing their own port such as "XPS Port" might continue to function properly. There are a number of issues related to providing a custom port and Amyuni has removed that option since version 1.5 of PDF Converter.

Solutions and Workarounds
Amyuni has been working independently and with Microsoft on finding solutions to this problem. The following solutions are possible at this time:
  • The quickest solution: Uninstall KB2347290 unless you have a compelling reason to keep it on your system.
  • Note: This fix was reverted in later releases due to regression issues. For users of PDF Converter 4.50: Amyuni has provided a hot fix in version as of November 8, 2010. This hot fix overrides the print spooler and writes directly to the PDF file. This solution needs further regression testing and will eventually be included in the main product updates.
  • Wait for a fix from Microsoft: After working with Microsoft for several weeks, they now have a clear understanding of the issue and were able to provide us with a fix for the security update. This fix will be available to the public after Microsoft has followed its internal procedure. If you are really in a rush, do not ask Amyuni for the Microsoft fix, go directly to the source and open separate cases with Microsoft.
Amyuni Development Team

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