Creating Bookmarks

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Creating Bookmarks

Post by eric.glenn »

External Function Declarations

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// HDC CDICreateDC( HANDLE hPrinter );
Function uLong CDICreateDC (Long hPrinter ) Library "cdintf300.dll" alias for "CDICreateDC;Ansi"

// long SetBookmark( HANDLE hDC, long lParent, LPCSTR szTitle );
Function Long SetBookmark(uLong hDC, long lParent, string szTitle ) Library "cdintf300.dll" alias for "SetBookmark;Ansi"

Code: Select all

// Your code for initializing Amyuni CDI print system goes here...

// --- Print ---//
long Job, x
ulong printerDC
// Start a new job and a new page.
Job = PrintOpen()
// Print the text.
x =  PrintText(Job,"The material ", 2000, 4000)
ll_rc = Print(Job, x, " in this report")
ll_rc = Print(Job, 2000, "is not confidential and ")
ll_rc = Print(Job, 2000, "may be freely disclosed ")
ll_rc = Print(Job, 2000, " ")

for ll_row = 1 to 5
	ll_rc = Print(Job, 2000, "This should be bookmark " + string( ll_row ) )
	ls_error = of_get_error()
	ll_rc = Print(Job, 2000, " ")
	printerDC = CDICreateDC (ll_pdfprinter)
	ll_rc = SetBookmark(printerDC, 0, "Bookmark " + string( ll_row ) )
	ll_rc = Print(Job, 2000, " ")
	ls_error = of_get_error()
ll_rc = PrintClose(Job)

// Your code to shutdown Amyuni CDI print system goes here...
I would expect that this code would print
The material in this report
is not confidential and
may be freely disclosed

This should be bookmark 1

This should be bookmark 2

This should be bookmark 3

This should be bookmark 4

This should be bookmark 5
it does!

What it doesn't do is add 5 bookmarks.

Can you use CDICreateDC and SetBookmark with PowerBuilder?

I assumed that CDICreateDC would get a device context from the print driver and create a bookmark at each place where I invoke SetBookmark.
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Re: Creating Bookmarks

Post by Devteam »

The printer DC should be provided by Powerbuilder and not created through CDICreateDC. Whether the code will work or not depends on whether PB gives you access to it internal printer device context, something like:
printerDC = GetPrinterDC( Job )
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