bookmarks in quickreport

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bookmarks in quickreport

Post by delphiro »

Hi there,

first of all thanks for the great product. We do have a lot of satisfied customers reporting around with pdf files :)

now to the question,
Is it somehow possible to generate bookmarks from text on a quickreport?

if anyone has some (shareable) sample code please let me know

Thanks in advance
Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan »


Thank you for your feedback.

Unfotunately, we don't have a sample to generate bookmarks from a text in quickreports.

We do have a sample on adding bookmarks yourself to the pdf file. You can add each bookmark at a specific location you choose in the document. This sample is available in our Dephi technical note downloadable at:

Also we do have a free tool to create bookmarks and hyperlinks from a given Word document, based on the titles in this document.
This maybe helpful for you. Please feel free to download it at:

Have a nice day !
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