ExportToRTF and Textsearch-feature

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ExportToRTF and Textsearch-feature

Post by Dorwol »


please allow me some short questions...

1. "ExportToRTF" does not work (Error 445)
This is the code, I used:

PDFCreactiveX1.Open "C:\Test.pdf", ""
PDFCreactiveX1.OptimizeDocument 1
PDFCreactiveX1.ExportToRTF "C:\Test.rtf", 0, True

What I want isto export formated Text, Graphics and images with no frames. What do I wrong please?

2. Is it possible to change the Highlight-color (after a Textsearch) in another color than black?

3. Is it possible to highlight ALL hits of searched textpart?
For example: The PDF has the following text: "This is a test of a test."
Now I search for "test"
Is it now possible to highlight both "test" words in this PDF at the same time?

4. I'm a One-man-only devoloper. Do I need the "Developer License" or the "Application License" to develop and redistribute my Free-/Shareware to my customers?

5. I need this component on January/February, next year, but I installed today the Trial-Version. How long can I use the trial now? Only 30 days?

Thank you for assistance :D
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Re: ExportToRTF and Textsearch-feature

Post by David »


1) Your code is missing the SetLicenseKey() before calling the ExportToRTF(). If you are calling the SetLicenseKey() then you need to check that the RTF export is enabled in the license that you are using. You can send the license that you are using to support@amyuni.com and we can check the license for you.

2) You can highlight the text that you have searched for by changing the backcolor of the object attribute

3) To highlight all occurrences of a searched text, you would need to use the "acReachTextOptionCurrentNoCase" option of the ReachText() function. This will search from the current position.

4) You will need a developer license for each developer or programmer that works with the Amyuni tools. You will need an application license for each application that you develop.

5) The trial is valid for 30 days from the first time that it is installed on the system.

Hope that helps?
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Re: ExportToRTF and Textsearch-feature

Post by Dorwol »

Hi David,

thank you for reply. I dont have a LicenseKey (do I need one, if I evaluate this control?).

Also it is not possible to Create Objects for Highlighting anything.

I am trying to set "ReportState" to DesignMode:

With PDF1
.Open "C:\...",""
.ReportState = acReportStateDesign ' switch the control to design mode

...However, I keep getting the error: # -2147467259, Method 'ReportState' of object 'IPDFCreatorX' failed.

What do I wrong please?

By-the-way: Is it possible for EndUser to Select some text (like Adobe Reader) with the mouse?
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Re: ExportToRTF and Textsearch-feature

Post by Joan »

Hello Dorwol,

You will find your LicenseKey and Activation code in a file called Install.ini that get deployed in the same folder as the PDF Creator dlls. This is by default under program files.

You can create a highlight object. Here is a sample VB code.

Code: Select all

With CreatorRef

.CreateObject acObjectTypeHighlight, "highlight"
    ' get a reference to the object that we just created
    Set obj = .GetObjectByName("highlight")
    If obj Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "Unable to find object"
        Exit Sub
    End If
    'Set the attributes of Highlighter over text2
    With obj
        .Attribute("Highlight Left") = 1000
        .Attribute("Highlight Top") = 4000
        .Attribute("Highlight Right") = 4000
        .Attribute("Highlight Bottom") = 5000
        .Attribute("Text") = "highlight"
        .Attribute("Author") = "My Author"
        .Attribute("BackColor") = "7FFFFF"
        .Attribute("TextColor") = "00FF00"
        .Attribute("BorderColor") = "FF0000"  'Blue
        .Attribute("BorderWidth") = 2
        .Attribute("Open") = 1
    End With

End If

End With

Concerning ReportState, it is advised to use DoCommandTool instead of ReportState, this is mentioned in the manual. Please use:
.DoCommandTool acCommandToolDesignMode

Hope this helps. Which version of the PDF Creator are you using?
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