Create a new Configuration in the PDF Converter 3.0

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Create a new Configuration in the PDF Converter 3.0

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Starting version 3, users of the PDF Converter are able to create a configuration, save it and use it regularly.

To do so developers will need to:

- Create a cdintfex object.

- Call a DriverInit function

- Set whatever parameter you want to set, whether devmode parameter or registry parameter:

Code: Select all

Cdi.FilenameOptions = blablabla
At this stage, the devmode is saved and a snapshot of all registry settings
are saved. The developer can modify whatever needed.


Print or do whatever....

Anytime the developer wants to set all the saved settings again, all he/she
has to do is call:


NB: some settings to take effect the developer needs to call
SetDefaultConfigEx. This applies to the saved and loaded configuration
settings too.
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