Support for FDF in version 3 of the PDF Creator.

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Support for FDF in version 3 of the PDF Creator.

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Starting version 3.0 the PDF Creator starts supporting FDF

FDF files contain data associated with a PDF file. When a PDF contains form field objects, the content (or value) of these objects can be stored in a separate file for transmission to a remote server for example.

PDF Creator and Converter V3 support the import of data from FDF files through the Merge method.

First the PDF is opened using one of the Open methods of CDINTF, PDFCreactiveX or the .NET library. Then the Merge method is called on the FDF file to merge the data into the main PDF. E.g.:

Code: Select all

Set PDF = CreateObject( "PDFCreactiveX.PDFCreactiveX" )
PDF.Open "Test1.pdf", ""
PDF.Merge "Test2.fdf", "", 0
PDF.Save "result.pdf", 1
Set PDF = Nothing
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