Data Stream and Win Api GetJob Support

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Data Stream and Win Api GetJob Support

Post by Gabrio »

In the new version 2.10, there is the ability to pass the pageprocess to a custom dll. Why not create a property in the activex that contain the pdf data for streaming processing ?

In the CDIntF.Document ther's no way to know some info on the pdf (like paper size-width-length-orientation) when u use pdfconv under win98. On this platform, unlike win2000/nt, there's no data spooling.
Have u planned to insert a structure like win JobInfo in .Document?

Thanks in advance
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Post by Joan »


There is a way to intercept the data stream coming from the document converter. This is availabe in version 2.10c of the Document Converter.

Please check page 141 of our Developers' manual 'Common Driver Interface 210.pdf'.

If you are testing the Converter, please download our latest demo from: ... /demo.html

Also you can use the DetOrientation, GetPaperSize, ect... to get the orientation and paper size set for the printer and not for a specific print job. This can be set by calling SetOrientation, SetPaperSize, ect...

Is this what you are looking for?

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Post by gabter74 »


for data stream interception i mean a property of ActiveX to read in the EndDocPre.

In the same event can maybe read the GetJob information...
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