Printer not activated, error code -30

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Printer not activated, error code -30

Postby rec on Fri May 19 2006

I am seeing this error more and more and would like an explanation from Amyuni on why, using a licensed version of their software, this error still occurs. Am I right in thinking that when you call EnablePrinter, the driver is only actually enabled for a short period of time? If so, this is a big problem for us, as we sometimes make this call a good few seconds before calling StartDoc, and this cannot be changed. I nearly always see this when debugging too, which is really annoying - for example, if I have a breakpoint in my code between EnablePrinter and StartDoc, chances are I will see the dreaded -30 error when attempting to step over StartDoc!

The code we are using is generic for any printer, so it isn't really feasible to scatter EnablePrinter calls directly in our printing code.

Also, once this error appears, the Amyuni driver seems to be "stuck" in this state - sometimes only a reboot seems to clear it. We cannot possibly ship this to customers until I have a workaround for this issue - please can someone advise.
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Postby Joan on Mon May 22 2006


As you mentioned, EnablePrinter() enables the PDF Printer for a short time. And this is because you are able to print to the PDF Printer only progarmmatically and not from Windows applications like MSWord or MS Excel by example. This is true for the Developers licenses of our Converter.

You can call EnablePrinter() when catching the EnablePre() event fired by the driver.

If this didn't help, you can contact our Technical Support team and explain to them the situation to check if you can get another activation code.
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We have a similar error

Postby GregL on Mon Sep 18 2006

We use the Calyx Point applications on a Citrix server and when trying to email from Point or trying to Print-to-file, we have some users getting the error “Printer not activated, error code -30”. We had no problems with Point 5.2, but since we put in 5.3, this error happens to the users who are in our farthest offices. Users in offices closer in distance are having no problems. This leads me to believe that the error may be due to latency or the timeout as mentioned in other areas of this forum.

Our configuration:
PDS Server 5.3 (Windows 2003 Server)
Point Client 5.3a on Citrix Servers (Citrix XP, FR3 on Windows 2003 Server)
Users connecting to the Citrix servers via Published application across T1s.
Amyuni drivers are 2.50... I think Point 5.2 used the 2.10 drivers

All users are connecting via Citrix and I have taken all the recommended steps to ensure that the issue is not related to conflicts with previous versions of Amyuni, drivers, dll files, etc. I have installed the 5.3a update. I have reinstalled the Amyuni printer – per instructions. I have also ensured that the users have full control over the directories involved and even temporarily added them as administrators of the server… still no luck.

At this point, I believe the issue is somehow related to latency. I’m not sure why because the users are connecting via Citrix Published Application and running the Point app on the Citrix server itself, but that seems to be the only option left. When I login to the Citrix app from a workstation in a closer location, there are no problems. When I login to the Citrix app from a workstation in a distant location, I get the error… regardless of what user account I use and regardless of which domain their user account belongs to.

Is there some code for your software that I can recommend to Calyx to get this resovled?

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