Programmatically filling AcroForm fields

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Programmatically filling AcroForm fields

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I am writing an ASP.NET-based app that will take existing PDF files that contain AcroForm fields and populate them with data from a database. The app will then "flatten" the fields to create a static PDF document that will be displayed in a browser.

It appears based on your feature list that the PDF Creator .NET Library will be the product to use for this app. I downloaded the developer documentation to see if the library had the features I need. Unfortunately, it's unclear whether the library has the needed functionality I require or at least I couldn't find it documented. Could you provide sample code (C# or VB) showing how to populate AcroForm fields? Also, does your library have the capability to flatten AcroForm fields? Thanks!
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We can handle AcroForm fields using the PDF Creator.

You can open your pdf file using PDFCreactiveDoc.exe and try to use your AcroForm fields to see how it works.

I don't have a VB or C# code that demonstrates how to use selections programatically, please contact and they will send you the needed sample.

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